Beauty and the Beast

Director: Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise

Reviewed By: Aubrie C
From: Arlington, WA
Age: 14
Reviewed on: 11/26/2005

I simply cannot BELIEVE that anyone could imaginably call this movie ‘boring’. My parents tell me that they watched it a zillion times with me when I was little, and I recently watched our very old, delapidated VHS with my five year old sister, and I loved it as much as ever. The theme song is one of my favorites ever, and I hope that I can get my stake to play it at dances. There is NO swearing, and although it is a definite romance, it is entirely pure and innocent. There is one scene which some might call ‘minimally violent’, but I would call it a good moral ending. If the antagonists aren’t properly punished at the end of a story, then the message is that evil is okay, ‘eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die, and it shall be well with us’. NO blood or gore whatsoever. The evil character, Gaston, simply falls into an abyss. Admittedly, for a time I avoided my old favorite because I thought I was too ‘grown up’ for it, but this is really an excellent family movie, even for gasp teenagers. The older movies are the best ones!

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