Ender’s Game

Author: Orson Scott Card

Reviewed By: Aubrie C
From: Arlington, WA
Age: 14
Reviewed on: 11/24/2005

I read this book– ohhh, about two years ago. Hey, I had life to live! The author is LDS, as you’ve probably heard. If I were to make it into a movie, then I’d alter it in at least one point. Much as I usually hate it when filmakers do that, the fact remains that most of the characters are naked most of the time. The author doesn’t go into detail– just states the fact and moves on. It consists mostly of just ‘they wore no clothes’. 

Admittedly, I found it rather depressing. It is in a future world where only two children are permitted per family. Aliens are attacking Earth though, so the government gave the parent of the main character, Ender, permission to have a third. He is trained to fight and defeat the aliens, and when he is about six he goes off to a training school for kids who are trained to fight the aliens. It was depressing because Ender really had a sad life, and the ending was not so happy, I think. Oh sure, the aliens were defeated, but Ender is never reunited with his family. His brother Peter was really a jerk– okay that was an understatement. Let me try again. His brother Peter was a sadist. From the way Ender was treated, his parents didn’t care much for him, the only one who really did was his sister Valentine. One scene that really sticks out to me is toward the beginning, where Peter is threatening to murder Ender, and also Valentine if she doesn’t comply with his wishes. Definitely not a bedtime story. If you like science fiction, of which I am not a big fan, you’ll probably like it.

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