Rules of Engagement

Author: Steffanie Fowlers

Reviewed By: Emily Taylor
From: Rexburg, Idaho
Age: 21
Reviewed on: 11/11/2005

It’s about time someone ditched the usual LDS romance dominated by Anita Stansfield, with pained, tragic flings and all that, and gave us something painfully realistic. Yes, this book has to be one of the scariest, most terrifying books every written–and I believe that is actually a warning on the book itself. 

Attend a church university. You will see what I mean. Girls are looking to get married, and guys think they want the same thing but are actually just terrified of these very girls they are supposed to be dating. So how does anyone manage to get a date for Friday night, let alone a date at the temple? I’m sorry, you girls who like to think you are all modern and feminist (this includes me). But deep down we all want to get married.

Meet Samantha. She is 25, single, and can’t get her boyfriend Marcus to committ. So when he dumps her, she decides to flirt with every breathing male. This is bad. It has bad results. Her roommates aren’t much more talented. Oh, they have a stalker, but who wants a stalker?

Meet Harrison. He’s the snotty British bishop’s assistant who pities the attempts of these four pathetic girls. So he becomes their mission president over their mission to learn how to properly flirt.

It’s equally just as bad. 

Girls, this book is something we all need to read. Yes, it’s over the top in places (that’s intentional), and that might tempt you to deny any truth this might possess. But I’ve been attending BYU-Idaho for three years now and I’ve seen all of this. The chaos, the complete lack of romance and logic in the dating sequence… it’s all here in a very witty and brightly-written story.

May we all learn a little something.

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