War Of The Worlds


Director Film : Steven Spielberg
Reviewed By: Josh Weber
From: Heber, AZ
Age: 17

cheimerdinger.com – When I saw this at the video rental store, I thought we were very lucky to see such a popular movie that had only been out for a little over a week still on the shelves. With there only being a warning of intense sequences for the rating reasons, I didn’t think there was much to lose. After all, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot wrong with the trailer. Unfortunately, I was very wrong.

I was expecting a really good thriller, and despite my past disappointment with Minority Report, I thought this wasn’t one to be passed up. But, boy was I wrong.


The film is set around a man (Tom Cruise), who is divorced and has his two kids staying with him for the weekend (Dakota Fanning and uh… whoever the other dude is). It doesn’t take too long for the action to get going and alien spaceships start destroying New York(Surprise, surprise on the location there. Why not destroy Phoenix or New Orleans, oh wait, that was already done. Shoot.)

So, why the negativity on this film? Well, for one thing, there is no mention of language in the film rating, but there is a pretty good deal of it. And the whole story gets pretty just gets pretty repetitive. Aliens are blowing up this city, so, lets go to another one. And then, oh no! The aliens are coming here too! Lets go to another city. And finally we figure out, oh… they’re everywhere. And what’s the gameplan now? Duh, duh…. lets go to another city! And that constant sound of the alien spaceships that sounded like a bullhorn was extremely annoying after a while (its like o.k., either they want us to move to the back of their throat, or they want a root-beer float. Whoops, wrong movie.)

The acting, in my book, especially from Tom Cruise, wasn’t all that great. Tom will just like, try and take all these events into his head as he’s viewing them, but we can hardly ever tell what the heck he’s thinking. I mean, for all we know, he’s thinking, “What if we built a giant badger?” (spoken with a british accent). Almost every time he watches the aliens from a distance, his mouth is just gaping and his eyes are wide open. I realize that talking to yourself isn’t a great thing to do in public, but in film, its a technique that, if used correctly, help us to understand what’s going on better. Sadly, Tom does virtually none of this. Just continues to stare… and gape… and stare….. and gape… and yeah, you get the idea. And this other guy they run across in the film is a psycho, and ends up uh.. meeting a timely death. So what was the point of him being in the movie?!?!

Dakota Fanning is interesting. One second she seems mature, the next she seems like any other normal kid freaking out at what’s going on. I can see she has talent, but her character just comes across weirdly.

And the blood.. ughh…. extremely disturbing at one point. I just thought, who is demented enough to think of that? That’s just gross!

Enough said yet? DON’T BOTHER WITH THIS MOVIE! No more Spielberg sci-fi for me. If you’re wanting an actually good movie to watch, I suggest Sky High. Much better choice.

Film critics recommend this film, I unrecommend it.